Disneyland Paris | Feature: In depth - Disneyland Paris' Expansion Plan from 2013 onwards

It's very easy to discount Disneyland Paris as a poor alternative of Disney World in Florida, with many saying that the resort has stalled over the past few years, largely due to tis financial hardship. The resort is still 1.8Billion euros in debt and despite that is still expanding.

It's important then to take a look at the future and what it holds for the parks, the hotels and the resort in general.

Euro Disney SCA, the company that owns and operates Disneyland Paris, has many long-term goals, adocument released in late 2012 analyses many of these. The more interesting ones have ben observed below:

  • The official website www.disneylandparis.com receives 120,000 unique visitors per day 
    • A huge number but maybe a new non-flash based site would be a benefit for increasing this further? - UPDATE: NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHED OCTOBER 2013
  • "The Group [Disneyland Paris/ Euro Disney] is also committed to steadily increase the availability of its attractions to reduce wait times, improve its catering offering and offer a range of original products in its stores to meet the visitors.
    • This reiterates the expansion strategies of the company.
  • By 2030 at the latest there should be a third theme park built
  • They are aware that "The market for theme parks is competitive, which could limit the Group's ability to raise prices and attract visitors."

In 2010 Disneyland Paris renewed its contract with the French state and agreed to the following by 2030:


Developing the tourist destination:

  • By 2020 tourist numbers will double globally, the group has to be ready to accommodate these.
  • Secure the rights to the land until at least 2030. (Completed)
  • Expand the land owned from 1943 à 2230 hectares, and develop 1675 hectares of it by 31 December 2020
  • Double the current capacity of the Theme Parks
    • Continue the development of both existing Parks (Since 2010 Toy Story Playland has opened with 3 rides, Meet Mickey Mouse and Princess Pavilion)
    • Create a potential third park
  • Double the capacity of hotels - Adding 14,700 additional rooms (north of the A4), expanding from the existing capacity of 8200 hotel rooms to 22,900 hotel rooms. (Currently they are refurbishing rooms. Expanding is a huge risk - it is why the resort is in so much debt anyway. The only way I would see it working is if they offer rooms in the £50-100 a night range which would more than likely increase occupancy rapidly!)
  • Increase business tourism to the resort
  • Implementation of eco-tourism project Villages Nature Val d'Europe (In progress - opening in 2016)

Better transport infrastructure:
(This is despite the resort being much better connected than its American siblings - a great vision of the future)

  • Improved motorway interchanges 12 (Jossigny) and 14 (Bailly-Romainvilliers) and creating a link between the A4 and the RN 36
  • Improving the RER A, especially in terms of frequency and capacity
  • Link the RER A and RER E lines (Construction 2012-2018)
  • New connections with areas 2 and 3 in Marne-la-Vallee
  • Shuttle Services with Roissy and Orly airports
  • Airport Transfers with Paris-Vatry with an interchange at Esbly station
  • Establishment of a bus station at South Chessy and links with the Business Park, neighboring municipalities, Marne-la-Vallée hospital, Villages Nature and a possible third Park (looks like this possible third park wouldn't be within walking distance of the other two and a bus would be required)
  • new exit and building south from the RER station triggered by the completion of the convention center or an equivalent increase in traffic

Develop an innovative project of eco-tourism and developing local communities:

  • Villages Nature is currently being developed. (Opening in 2016)
  • 9000 extra living units in Val d'Europe in currently non-urbanised areas

Other notes:

  • The original agreement ending in 2017 stipulated there should be 2 theme parks and 1 water park. This has been changed - the agreement now dates to 2030 and asks for 3 theme parks, one of which may or may not be a water park depending on what is best financially.
Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 03.07.28.png
  • The black lines are the new perimeter owned by Disney.
  • Yellow areas are land owned by disney and operated by Disney
  • Dark blue areas are land owned by Disney but operated by third-parties
  • Light blue areas/turquoie are land developed by Disney and sold, owned and operated by third parties.
  • Red areas are land to be developed - we can see that the active resort area can more than double in size.