Disneyland Paris | News: 2013 Shareholders Roundtable

Shareholders at Disneyland Paris have the option of participating in roundtables where they can talk directly to, and ask questions of, those who run the company. Yesterday, was one of those roundtables and though they were reluctant to reveal too many details, some have emerged:

1. Ratatouille:
The bad news is that no opening date was announced, no concept art, nothing. But we were told that the attraction will be exceptional, will have a large capacity and will include a shop. Inside the shop, they say there will be a smell that will make you want to visit the restaurant.

2. Villages Nature:
This project will be a novel experience, they have said that some of the building's will change colours according to the seasons due to the plants used.

3. The next attraction will NOT be pixar-based:
A hint that they want more classic Disney in, or maybe newer Disney films such as Tangled? Or will they reclassify Star Tours as a new attraction with an upgrade? Who knows.

4. Disney Village will keep growing:
They say that World of Disney has been a great success and that it is only the start of the evolution of Disney Village. Work will start to intensify in 2014.

5. MagicBand may be coming to Disneyland Paris:
Walt Disney World in Florida is currently introducing the next generation of theme park going by using a magic-band instead of a ticket. You carry a wristband with your park ticket and hotel reservation digitally encoded onto it. Users simply tap their wrist to enter the park, the same to get a fastpass, buy items from a shop, enter their room, etc. The system being electronic also means peopel can reserve fastpasses months in advance. The idea is slowly being rolled out in Disney World and not everyone is happy. Particularly, about the privacy concerns. Disneyland Paris says they are analysis its effects and are considering implementing it in the long run. My opinion: Not before Disneyland Paris gets much bigger as this is a huge investment which brings no real advantages to guests, except not having to carry around multiple cards. In Disney World the development of the system is said to have cost over $1billion.

6. Christmas Season may be extended:
Due to Christmas being celebrated on January 7th in Russia, the park is planning to capitalise on this by extending the season for a few more days or weeks, or possibly shifting it so it starts later.

7. Debt refinancing:
The Walt Disney Company's refinancing of Disneyland Paris' debt has given the resort a great opportunity.

A few nice little bits of news there, nothing huge but some exciting things to come!