Disneyland Paris | May 2013 Rumour Roundup

EuroDisney, the company behind Disneyland Paris, is famous for keeping hush-hush about future projects. The Ratatouille ride for example, which is due to be unveiled next year has been confirmed but more than a year after construction started and little details have been revealed. It's no wonder therefore that rumours circulate. Here are the latest.

1. Shellie May (Duffy Bear's girlfriend) will soon be appearing at the park according to some rumours.

2. The Terrorific Night has been cancelled for 2013 - The last 2 years at Walt Disney Studios park hosted a horror themed event called Terrorific Night, similar to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights. It was the first of its kind at any Disney Park worldwide, being an adult targeted event. Disneyland Park hosted Mickey's Halloween party targeted at kids. It seems Terrorific Night will NOT be returning to the studios this year but the Halloween Party in Disneyland Park will still be held.

3. Rock n Rollercoaster to lose Aerosmith - Rumours have been spreading that next year, in 2014, Walt Disney Studio's Rock n Rollercoaster may lose its Aerosmith license as it expires. There is talk of different bands replacing it, or possibly even being rethemed to marvel.

4. Big Thunder Mountain Capacity to Increase - Apparently tests have been done on the
ride where an extra carriage has been added at the end, this increase capacity and makes the trains run faster. If this rollout goes ahead capacity will increase by more than 500 extra visitors per hour when 6 trains are running. Platforms would need to be extended slightly to accommodate the longer trains.

These are the rumours going around and it is important to state that at this time these are all unconfirmed, but there are also many confirmed projects you can read about here.