Disneyland Paris | May 2013 News Roundup

New DisneylandParis.com Website

Disneyland Paris has previously stated that it is working on a new website. We now have a launch date for that site, September 2013. The website will be HTML5 compatible and remove flash entirely, increasing its compatibility and making it usable on smartphones and tablets without Flash.

Part of the website has been rolled out in the new booking engine on www.disneylandparis.co.uk which is now more customisable than before.

The Walt Disney Travel Company's booking website for Disneyland Paris which has been unveiled offers us some glimpses of what the new website may look like, with its simplified design, ease of navigation and more professional image. We'll see the full reveal in just a few months time.

Disney has been working for three years on the new website.

Tom Staggs the president of Disney Parks and Resorts, revealed this week at a technology conference more details about the MyMagic+ system which is due to be implemented this year in Walt Disney World. The system allows characters to know children's names, attractions to be customised, FASTPASSes to be booked before arrival and a completely cash-free experience if staying at a Disney hotel.

He also announced that plans are for the system to be rolled out to all Disney Parks worldwide, including Disneyland Paris of course.

Halloween Party 2013
Mickey's Halloween Party has been announced to be on the 31st October 2013. The event, happens every year after regular park hours. This year it is running from 20:30 to 01:00. Guests are welcome to dress up in costumes as long as no dangerous items are brought into the park or items that may cause problems on attractions, such as capes and batons. Masks covering the face are also not permitted. Disney character costumes are permitted as long as guests agree not to take photos with other guests posing as characters, and they must not sign autographs.

Tickets can be bought from this summer via the official booking line. They are priced at €37 per person regardless of age. Annual Pass-holders are entitled to discounts. Tickers will allow entry from 17:00 (5PM).

Ratatouille Site Plans Released
The ratatouille site plans have been revealed in more detail this week - including a detailed look at the scenes. More details in the full article here.

Disneyland Paris financial results
On the 7th May Disneyland Paris announced it's financial results for the first half of the 2013 fiscal year   (October 31st 2012 to March 31st 2013)

  • Turnover increased to €568M, up 3% on last year. 
  • Average spending per visitor is up 4% compared to last year.
  • Disney Village earnings have increased due to the World of Disney store opening
  • Theme park attendance was down by 100,000 visitors compared to last year.
  • Net loss has reduced by 10% due to the refinancing by The Walt Disney Company in 2012.
  • The company stresses that the 2013 full-year results are highly dependent on what happens in the 2nd half of the year as it will be high-season then.