Disneyland Paris | What's New, What's Next (2013)

We’ve known for a while that the resort is undergoing a big refurbishment schedule, but only today did we understand its true extent. Disneyland Paris invited a select group of people to walk around the resort and learn about recent changes - as well as some of the things the future holds. Special thanks to @MagicForum on Twitter for providing the information.


  • Guest surveys revealed that Wi-Fi was one of the most important aspects to guests - soon all hotels will have it.
  • Hotels will be refurbished in this order: Sequoia Lodge (2011-12), then Santa Fe (2012-13), Newport Bay Club, Hotel New York, Cheyenne, and finally the Disneyland Hotel
  • H20-branded amenities coming to all DLP hotels - like the other disney resorts.
  • Davy Crockett satisfaction went up 10% after refurb
  • The style of the Sequoia Lodge room is arts and crafts - the new Golden Forest club and lounge has a tree at its centre. Free wifi coming to the hotel before this christmas.
  • The Santa Fe refurb has been completed as far as the rooms are concerned. The facades are now done too. There will be new decorative brims this year and 2014 which are actually safety barriers. Phase two is ongoing (public areas, landscaping), there has been an evolution of theming with nods to “Cars” characters such as traffic cones for lampshades in the rooms.
  • The Newport Bay Club will be the next refurb - it will be “the largest project ever”. It involves re-doing everything from rooms to parking to the lobby, facades and rooftops. New environmentally friendly materials will be used during construction. Rooms will have an infrared sensor that can adjust Air-Con temperatures. The east wing and the pool will be re-done first. The re-done rooms “add warmth and Disney touches, focus on storytelling and remain relevant for business travelers.” Restaurants “will improve” too. Facades will be stripped and redone - lightbulbs will be replaced by LEDs.
  • Hotel New York - This refurb will begin right after Newport Bay Club’s finishes - the research and concept development stage has already started. New hotel capacity will eventually be added in the long term (in Phase 4 and beyond).
  • There will be no Disney Vacation Club in DLP for now.
  • Cheyenne - eventually when refurbs reach this hotel, the water tower will be redone. The old one was falling apart.

All 3 star hotels and above will get rid of the shower curtains and replaced by glass screens

In-Park changes:

  • There will be an “Intensive rehab of Main Street building facades, including inside and outside Main Street Station” - not just superficial, but “replacing with durable materials.”
  • Town Square Photography to be replaced with a new shop.
  • Lots of scaffolding will go up the coming weeks on Town Square.
  • The Temple of Peril ride will be rebuilt out of real stone. "The entire loop will be replaced too."
  • The Stunt Show in WDS will go back to normal the coming months. There has been technical challenges over the last few weeks that should be resolved soon.
  • DLP is working on more comfortable Space Mountain seats.
  • The Frontierland geysers will eventually be replaced by something "that will be equally unique."
  • Joe wants to introduce at least one new single rider line per year. The first will be Crush's Coaster which will get a new entrance.
  • The unreliable lighting on the Disneyland Hotel and some parts of Main street will be replaced by LED lighting in the future.
  • New safety systems will be implements to make it easier to restart rides after downtime (and hopefully quicker too).
  • Joe is not fond of Armageddon at all, "it will be replaced but not now. They need to build new rides and add capacity first."
  • ”They're building two new tractors for the Studio Tram Tour trams.
  • Joe mentioned Marvel a lot but said that "if they do Marvel, it can't just be a patched ride

“They're looking at bringing some elements from WDW's Magic Bands to DLP!”

Halloween 2013:

  • Goofy's Candy machine will be back with regular character appearances.
  • Duffy will get a Halloween costume.
  • Lampposts will get mickey pumpkin heads with leaves around the heads,
  • Parents can pick it up a free "halloween for kids pack" for free at city hall - a similar scheme ran last year.
  • Minnie's Couture Workshop will go in front of the meet 'n' greet location across Casey's.
  • The fab 5 pumpkin heads will be back on Central Plaza
  • Villains meet 'n' greet behind the Castle - a whole group of villains will come out with live music.
  • Lots of live music with 7 musical bands listed for the Disneyland Park.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas photo location will get the fountain from the movie as a new element this year.
  • Halloween Cavalcade -  There will be an entire float for Donald, Daisy, their nephews and Uncle Scrooge, another float features Winnie the Pooh characters and pumpkin girls. and the Final float will have Minnie and Mickey, Clarice and Chip & Dale. Soundtrack will be called "Vive la vie" - all new, all in English. The cavalcade are stripped down Fantillusion floats.
  • Halloween Soiree (31st Oct)  - There will be a 2 shows: one with Maleficent on the Castle Stage and another with Hook on the Galley in Adventureland.
  • DLP are looking into how to create "a better halloween for the very little ones."


  • The new christmas tree will have a lot more decorations and special lighting effects.
  • The new tree lighting cermony will be called Les voeux Magiques de Noel in French and won't feature characters. It will be a "360° experience around the tree to allow better viewing for everyone"
  • Duffy will get a christmas costume.
  • Winnie the Pooh will be in his Christmas costume doing meet n greets.
  • Christmas cavalcade - Bigger than last year's Got bigger compared to last year. The opening float will be the old Snow White one (wwodp), the toy Soldiers (face) are back with Goofy as bandleader, the Gingerbread men characters from the States are coming to DLP!. There will also be reindeer and santa floats, a Rapunzel/Frozen float, as well as Santa himself. The current "Magic Everywhere" song will be "christmasfied."
  • “Disney Dreams of Christmas!”  will feature Olaf, from Frozen, as the main character, similar to the shadow in the current show.
  • Sandy Claus (Jack Skellington dressed up) will be doing meet 'n' greets outside phantom manor!” *Live usic - The Jingle Bell Boys will come back to Videopolis, as well as other bands throughout the lands.”
  • it's a small world celebration will return.
  • There is "Nothing new at WDS for Christmas, that's for next year.”

Although there were no huge ground-breaking announcements, we can truly see that Disneyland Paris is putting a lot of effort into improving its parks, hotels and entertainment.