Disneyland Paris | News Roundup: Thursday, 6th February 2014

It's been about four weeks since our last round-up, so let's see what's happened in the world of Disneyland Paris - including some rumours too.

Christmas Decorations:

Although it did take until 17th January, the Christmas decorations throughout the resort have finally now disappeared.

Photo: InsideDLParis

Photo: InsideDLParis

Character queues:

Despite the fact The new Character queuing system we mentioned in our last round-up was meant to simply be a test, it appears these tests are still on going or have now become permanent. Some of these queue lines even have a Disney Photopass photographer at the front of the line. Hopefully the Photopass system will eventually expand to be like that available at Walt Disney World Resort.

Photo: InsideDLParis

Photo: InsideDLParis

Newport Bay Club:

The refurbishment of the Newport Bay club has now reached the swimming pool area - it is covered in scaffolding. The pool is only scheduled to re-open in November 2014.

Photo: InsideDLParis

Photo: InsideDLParis

New shop windows:

The displays throughout Main Street USA have been replaced from their Christmas themes to Spring/Summer themes.

Photo: InsideDLParis

Photo: InsideDLParis

Town Square Photography:

The 18th January 2014 was the last operating day of the beautifully themed Town Square Photography shop. The shop is now in a state of being completely redesigned to "Flora's Boutique". For once the walls are actually themed and are not just the standard green fences which are usually used throughout the resort. Good news.

Ratatouille Ride Construction:

Progress on the ratatouille ride continues - a decent amount of work has been done on the entrance facade and the outdoor queuing area.

Photo: @InsideDLParis

Photo: @InsideDLParis

Rumours say that the interior of the attraction is now 100% finished.

We also have an official new trailer (in German) and a new logo too as you can see here on the right hand side.




Rumours spreading online also indicate an opening date of 14th July 2014 for the attraction and restaurant. Both soft opening and a press event would happen before this date. The official opening date has still not been announced but we expect to hear this next Wednesday (12th Feb) during the Annual Shareholders Conference. We will bring you full coverage of that event.

Indiana Jones Ride Refurbishment:

The Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ride continues to be refurbished. Landscapignw irk has also been done on the surrounding area. It is due to re-open on the 29th May 2014.

Photo: InsideDLParis

Photo: InsideDLParis

Ticket Booth Refurbishment:

In a continuing effort to keep the resort looking as new and beautiful as possible, it is now the turn of the ticket booths to get a refurbishment.

Rumoured: Big Thunder Mountain Refurbishment

If rumours are to be believed Big Thunder will be closed for the majority of 2015 for an 8-10 month long refurbishment. There is however, no official confirmation of this.

Wifi expansion:

Disneyland Paris tweeted about its expansion of Wifi in Disney village.

Chaparral Theatre Refurbishment:

The Chaparral theatre, in Frontierland, is undergoing a small refurbishment. No shows have been announced for this location.

Star Wars land rumours intensify:

Captain EO performed its last show for a long period of time on 2nd February 2014. There is no re-opening date for this attraction and it currently listed as a refurbishment-style/seasonal closure by Disneyland Paris. It has not been announced that the show would permanently disappear so for all we know it may very well make a return.

In addition a large tent behind the Star Tours pavilion used for special events has now been removed, clearing the land for future construction.

Some say that all this is for the future expansion of this area of Discoveryland into a 'Star wars land' including a 3D "Star Tours 2.0" upgrade. Nothing has been announced officially, nor have we seen any plans. Time will tell.

Spring Festival Rumours Continue:

The latest rumour from @DisneylandBerry on Twitter is that there will be no Stars and Cars parade throughout the duration of the season but that there will be a meet and greet instead.

Disney Village sign:

The old Disney Village entry sign is slowly disappearing and is down to its last legs.

Leaders Cup:

The 2014 Leaders Cup tournament will return to the Disney Events Arena from 14th to 16th February.