Disneyland Paris | Restaurant Review: Blue Lagoon at Disneyland Paris

The Independent Guides team recently had the opportunity to dine in the "Blue Lagoon" restaurant located in Adventureland. The actual restaurant itself is famed for being inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride itself, and whilst dining you can see boats sailing past as guests embark upon their pirate adventure. 

Blue Lagoon has been famous for offering mainly fish-based dishes in the past but their is now a wider than every variety of dishes ranging from Crayfish and scallop ravioli to "Caribbean" chicken colombo and even Surf and Turf options. As far as pricing is concerned, Blue Lagoon is certainly not the most expensive restaurant on offer but it is still one of the pricier options at the resort. There are also a multitude of menus on offer, but on this particular occasion we decided to order a la carte, skipping an entree and going directly for the main course.

The food:
For the main course we had the "Fillet of grilled beef (approx. 250 g) with Sichuan pepper sauce, served with cassava chips and sautéed vegetables" priced at €35,99 which you can see below:

The fillet beef (or steak to most people) itself at 250g wasn't enormous but we just about the right size to leave us feeling satisfied - it was perfectly cooked to our likely at medium-rare. The Sichuan pepper sauce was presented in a bamboo cup and was delicious as we used it to season the steak fillet even more. The sauteed vegetables were delicious and were a fine compliment to the meat. Finally, the cassava chips were a delicious surprise, they were perfectly cooked so as to be just crunchy enough on the outside yet have a soft texture on the inside - we would have liked to have seen more than three of these as they were so nice. Portion-wise the food was well balanced, but we felt a slightly larger portion of all items would have been welcome for the price charged.

For dessert we opted for the "Coffee or tea selection served with a selection of miniature desserts" priced at €10,99 which can be seen below:

Admittedly we were slightly underwhelmed at what we received for the price of just under eleven euros, although the coffee was well brewed, the biscuit served with it felt cheap, and the desserts selection was bizarre and unappetising. We also had the opportunity to try the "Vanilla Island crème brûlée with caramel flambé" priced at €9.99 which was delicious and was a much larger portion than the coffee and dessert combo above, but still was smaller than at other comparable restaurants at Disneyland Paris.

Service and atmosphere:
The service was very attentive and we particularly liked the atmosphere inside Blue Lagoon - it was incredibly calm for a restaurant, especially one located inside an attraction. Even the waiting area at the entrance of the restaurant is great with plenty of seating and some incredible pirate-themed paintings adorning the walls. Inside the dining room, we were seated at the waters edge and could not even hear the boats as they glided by and even forgot them throughout most of the meal, except for a cry of "Bon appetite" once in a while.

Overall, the meal at Blue Lagoon was an enjoyable affair and the main steak-based course was almost perfect. Theming, and atmosphere-wise the location is perfect and we could not fault the dining staff either. If we could improve one thing, it would be the implementation of a wider variety of dishes on each menu and slightly larger portion sizes. We will certainly be back.