Disneyland Paris | Dream Castle Hotel Review - Partner Hotel

If you are looking at staying close to the magic at Disneyland Paris but don't want to pay the high prices to stay at once of the official on-site hotels, the partner hotels are an excellent middle ground. One of these partner hotels is the Dream Castle hotel.

We stayed at the Vienna International Dream Castle hotel at Disneyland Paris for a one night stay in June 2015. The price we paid was £90 which we thought was fair for the service provided. This rate includes breakfast and Wi-Fi access.

Access to the hotel is via complimentary shuttle from Marne la Vallee - Chessy train station at Disneyland Paris. This is the same place the Disneyland Paris hotel buses drop off at. Buses come every 15 to 30 minutes depending on what time of day and season it is. We visited during a not particularly busy time of the year so the service was acceptable but during peak periods we know this bus system does struggle to service all the partner hotels on one route. 

This hotel is the last drop off point on the route making journeys from the park to the hotel about 10 minutes long, but from the hotel to the park journey is shorter. The hotel to park drive time is just 6 minutes. As this is the last stop on the route you may find the bus very full when you go from the hotel to the parks. We found this to be the case even during this non busy time. 

A "live waits" system at the bus stops with a screen telling you when the next bus would arrive would be a simple and greatly beneficial addition. Unfortunately, this is not the case and you are therefore left wondering "when is my next bus?" for up to half an hour at a time.

You can of course always drive to the hotel where plenty of parking is available. A shuttle from the hotel to Val d'Europe and the shopping centre and supermarkets (closed on Sundays) is offered for a fee. Enquire at the hotel desk.

Check in:
Check-in was efficient and we were provided with a thorough explanation of where all the amenities were as well as when to get breakfast. We had requested a view over the lake as well as a high-floor room, unfortunately these are two separate requests that cannot be made together. As such we asked for a room with a view.

The only annoying part of check-in at the partner hotels is that the local city tax is never include when paying online. This means fumbling for change upon check-in, it was a mere €1.67 to be paid but it is still annoying.

There is plenty of seating around the lobby area (which really is very, very large) and there are several arcade games and even a small merry-go-round. 

The room:
The room booked was a King Room. This include a king-sized bed with space for two people, and a bunk bed for two singles. The king bed as you can imagine was very big and absolutely huge for one person, and more than roomy enough for two people. Clever features in the bunk beds included individual blackout curtains and reading lights which can be adjusted. This means that either adults or kids can keep on reading, as the others sleep.


The room was large, clean and included tea and coffee facilities with an in-room kettle. As well as the beds you will find an armchair, a small desk and an in-room refrigerator which we found kept food and drinks nice and cold. This also means you can make sandwiches or bring snacks with you and keep them fresh in the fridge overnight. Strangely, the flatscreen TV was minuscule when compared to the size of the room. We didn't use the TV much during our stay so it did not affect us. The in-room WiFi was acceptable but wasn't blazing fast.

The view from the room.

The view from the room.

The bathroom was clean although we felt the colour scheme could do with a bit of updating. The bath was very comfortable (and a huge bonus over a simple shower) and the Occitane branded products were very nice.

One of the perks of this four-star establishment is the option of room service. This allows you to have the full bar-restaurant menu delivered to your room for an extra charge.

There is a full-service buffet restaurant but for our meals we ate at the hotel bar which provides a range of quick-service style foods such as burgers. The bar service was attentive and the food was surprisingly good. Prices were theme park fast-food prices at the bar.

We did not try out the complimentary breakfast during our stay so we cannot comment on this.

Hotel amenities include a pool with whirlpool (we found the pool to be busy even during the quieter time of the year), a gym, a spa and a massage service.

The gym was barebones and had several broken machines and free weight sets. It allowed for a very basic workout though a few thousand euros spent on the free weights would notably up their quality. The inclusion of a bench press was a pleasant surprise. ,Complimentary gym towels (thus negating the need to bring a towel free your room) and a water fountain were simple but welcome additions. Unfortunately, the AC was broken during our visit.

After a short one-night stay we will definitely consider staying at the Dream Castle at Disneyland Paris again. The prices vary a lot from date to date but it can be found for just a few pounds more than the Magic Circus hotel and the Kyriad, making this is a great upgrade. 

Although we haven't mentioned this yet, theming throughout the hotel was excellent even down to the employee customs, the employees themselves were very attentive and a pleasure to speak to, check in was fast, the rooms were great. The state of the gym was a bit of a disappointed (but the fact it has one was a nice surprise), as can be the bus system.