Baby Switch / Baby Swap

Sometimes attractions aren't suitable for children - Disney has a time-saving solution.


If there's two adults going to the park and you want to go on a ride which isn't suitable for children there could be a problem. However, Disney has a solution - Baby Switch.
Simply go up to a cast member at the entrance and ask to use Baby Switch, one adult will go through the normal queue and another will be told how to go to the a waiting area usually near the exit. Once the first adult has ridden, they simply hand the baby to the second adult which goes onto the ride immediately without queueing again.
This is a great time saving solution. And despite its name, no, Disney will not switch your baby for another.


Examples of rides popular rides where Baby switch is used:

  • Rock N Rollercoaster
  • Tower of Terror
  • Space Mountain: Mission 2

Almost every one of Disneyland Paris' rides have this system in place - just ask at the entrance and you'll be directed.

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