For some people, children or otherwise, meeting the characters is the highlight of their holiday to Disneyland Paris. Being able to play games with Pluto, talk to Cinderella and hug Mickey always makes for unforgettable moments.

The characters appear throughout the day in several locations including Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios, the hotels and in the Disney Village.

Disneyland Park:
The characters are scheduled to appear around the park at different times throughout the day. Mickey can be found in his “backstage” theatre area at Meet Mickey Mouse in Fantasyland, the princesses can be found at Princess Pavilion (also in Fantasyland). Most days characters will make unannounced appearances throughout the parks too. If there is a specific character you’d like to see, there’s no harm asking at City Hall (to the left at park entrance) and checking if they have a specific schedule for that character. Not all characters will be available all days, especially the more minor ones - they do need their days off after all.

Walt Disney Studios Park:
You’ll find a lot of characters in the Frontlot of the park - usually either Mickey or Minnie can be found there. Check your times guide. Other characters which can frequently be seen include the Monsters Inc characters, Buzz Lightyear and Pluto and Goofy.

Most hotels have characters available in the morning outside of the breakfast area. These vary from day to day. Disneyland Hotel has the most characters at breakfast. For character dinners try Inventions in Disneyland Hotel (53e adults, 26e kids). Inventions also hosts a brunch on Sundays (59e adults, 29e kids, usually 1-3pm)- you can participate in both of these even if you aren’t staying at the hotel.

Disney Village:
You can also meet the characters in Disney Village in two dining locations - Cafe Mickey and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show.

Character Meeting Tips:

  • With the exception of Meet Mickey Mouse and the Princess Pavilion you will notice that it is a free-for-all. For the most part, there are no queuing systems for the characters meaning that you will simply have to nudge your child forward in order for them to get a turn, as in Europe most people do not queue and Cast Members do not enforce any queuing system.

More details on where characters can be found is in the full guide which can be purchased here...