Disneyland Park is the largest of the “original” parks based on the original Disneyland opened back in 1955, spanning 140 acres. It is the most visited theme park in Europe and the fourth most visited in the world. Filled with forty-nine rides, shows, characters and experiences it is, in my opinion, the most beautiful theme park to visit in Europe and it has been said to even be the most beautiful Disney park in the world. The park is divided into five areas or “lands” around Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in the centre. Around the edge of the park the Disneyland Railroad which runs transporting guests between these different lands.

Main Street U.S.A:

This is the street you walk down into the park and see the Castle at the end of, it is also where you’ll walk down to the exits at the end of your day. It has shops on both sides of the road, running parallel to it on its left and right are the Liberty Arcade and the Discovery Arcade which provide all alternative for when it is raining. 

City Hall, immediately to your left before entering the street itself. For attractions there’s Dapper Dan’s Hair Cuts (a real barbers); Horse-Drawn streetcars, Main Street vehicles, and the Main Street U.S.A.’s Railroad Station. Notable restaurants include:  Walt’s, Casey’s Corner, Plaza Gardens and Victoria’s Home-Style Restaurant. There are also other little food shops along the way. For shopping the main store here is the huge Emporium but there’s Disney & Co and many smaller niche stores too.



Where your transported to the Wild West of the United States... 


The main attractions here are: Big Thunder Mountain, Phantom Manor and Thunder Mesa Riverboats (a cruise around the lake). 
There’s also the paid-for Rustler Roundup Shootin’ Gallery, Frontierland Railroad Station, the Keelboats in the summer, theChaparral Theatre stage and a few walk-through themed areas. 


I’ve gone into detail of the main two attractions below:

Big Thunder Mountain:

Fastpass: YES

Minimum Height: 1.02m

On-ride photo: YES

Ride length: 4 minutes

Average wait times: 90-120 mins

Loading: 2400 people per hour


Jump aboard a family rollercoaster sure to bring a smile to everyone's face. The story goes that in the late 1800s old the town of Thunder Mesa was discovered, the town where Big Thunder Mountain is located, and a line of trains (those which passengers now ride in) was constructed to transport the ore. Little did the residents know that the town was cursed and it was subsequently struck by an earthquake. Residents left the town and a few years later the trains were found to be driving themselves around the mountains. Guests are now allowed to experience a ride in one of these mine trains for themselves.

This ride lasts around 4 minutes which is unusual for a rollercoaster which typically only last a couple of minutes. You'll see collapsing bridges, dynamite, bats and more on this wild, wide ride!The majority of the ride takes place on an island in the middle of the lake making it a totally unique version of the ride when compared to other disney parks. At the end you can collect your on-ride photo for an extra charge. Smile for the camera! This is definitely one of my favorite attractions in the whole park.


Phantom Manor:

Fastpass: NO
Minimum Height: N/A
On-ride photo: NO
Ride length: 7 minutes
Average wait times: 30 mins
Loading: 2 guests per doombuggy, 131 doombuggies - 2100 guests an hour.

This ride is sure to get the whole family excited as you venture through the derelict manor. The story is based on the bride, Melanie, who on her wedding day eagerly awaited the groom, while a phantom came to haunt the house. The phantom lured the groom into the attic and hung him, Melanie waited for her groom but he never turned up. Now, she roams around the manor still in her wedding dress...

The ride is definitely a must see and has some load noises at the beginning which may frighten some younger children. The audio is solely in french which does make the attraction more difficult to understand for other visitors. The attraction is part walkthrough and part ride. Guests ride in "doombuggies" which rotate and tilt to show everything around them as necessary. There aren't really any jump-out scares but the loud laughter during the walkthrough section may frighten some children. It is in no way any form of a horror-maze type ride and you'll find that almost everyone will love the ride. The storyline of this attraction is completely unique, despite similar rides existing at other Disney parks worldwide.



Places to eat here include the Silver Spur Steakhouse (Sit-down restaurant, 3-course set menu about 27-43 euros), The Lucky Nugget Saloon (Buffet, about 33 euros for adult, 16 for a child, drinks extra for adults, 1 25cl child drink included), Cowboy Cookout BBQ (Counter service, 18 euros for pastry buffet with Disney characters, 26 euro set-menu, 13 euro menu for children),Fuente del Oro (Counter service, set-menu 10-13 euros, 6 euro children’s menu), Last Chance Cafe (Counter service, take-aways about 7 to 9 euros)

Click here to purchase the full guide. It includes details on every ride, show, attraction and restaurant (including menu prices) for all the other remaining lands at Disneyland Park - Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland. It also includes details on when fireworks are launched and Disney Dreams, the new 20th anniversary night-time spectacular.