When the parks close there’s more fun to be had until midnight or even beyond in the Disney Village - an area where anyone can go into without paying - essentially a road with a theatre show (Buffalo Bills) and lots of restaurants, shops and cafes.

Buffalo Bills Wild West Show:
Buffalo Bills is a dinner show and a fantastic way of filling up an evening and getting a meal all at once. It is an expensive one - category one seating is £63 and category 2 seating is £52. I say go for category two, there’s not much advantage to a category one seat although they say it provides a better view (I can’t really tell the difference) and you get a welcome non-alcoholic cocktail and some treats with your tea or coffee at dessert.
The adult menu is Cornbread, Chilli, Skillet, corn on the cob with potato wedges, apple and ice-cream dessert, a drink (alcoholic [beer only] or not) and then tea or coffee.

Children’s prices are £12 less per person in both categories. The meal served includes roast chicken drumstick, sausage, potato wedges, ice cream and a drink.

The show itself is about 90 minutes to 2 hours and features live animals, Mickey and Minnie, some incredible stunts and stunning sets!

Personally I thought ...

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