The Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris has always been in need of attractions, having opened in 2002 with just a handful many more have been added, including Crush's Coaster, Stitch Live, Cars Rally, Playhouse Disney, 3 attractions in Toy Story Playland and the Tower of Terror. These have no doubt expanded the park, making it bigger and giving guests more of a reason to stay.

Ride details are still sketchy but sources say the ride will be the highest capacity ride at the Studios with approximately 2000-3000 guests being able to experience the attraction every hour. Considering the park CURRENTLY averages around 12000-14000 guests a day, that should mean that theoretically every guest will be able to ride at least once. The ride is not expecting to have any height restrictions in place. The cars will each have 6 seats and the vehicles will be guided using a trackless system. 3 cars will be dispatched at the same time.

Due to the trackless technology used, each ride will be different as cars enter different scenes randomly.

The ride will feature a standard standby queue, a Fastpass queue and a single-rider queue

The Ratatouille area will also feature a table-service restaurant with a "unique" ordering menu. It will be themed around quintessential paris and feature a beautiful square at the front. 

The building facades will look like these, in a typical Parisian style:


A mock up facade was put in place temporarily last year to see how it would last in the weather conditions and how it would look full-scale,

If you can't imagine how the area would look then take a look at this - Philippep62, an avid DLP fan, has produced the following sketch 3D model:


The building plan below shows the scale of the building - it's huge!


Below we have an isometric view of the new building. We can see that the queue line (in the bottom right of the picture) will be covered which is good news for the rainier days, and some nice shade for hotter days. There seems to be an incredible amount of detail with all the building facades designed to look different.


A view from ground level:


From the image above we can see that the working name of the ride, at least at the time was Ratatouille: Kitchen Calamity.


And finally we conclude with an artist's impression.


The ride has been making steady progress. Please note that there ARE spoilers on this page. Below are construction pictures and information as it is received. The newer posts are at the top of the page, and scrolling down will allow you to go back in time and see how the works have progressed.

Update 8th May 2014:

Another three weeks or so have passed since our last update and we have lots of great progress to report on. The first bit of news: we have an opening date - 10th July 2014. There will be a pre-opening day for shareholders to visit on. There is a rumoured press event date for the end of June, which means that after the press event we expect the ride to be in "technical rehearsals" or "soft openings" where the public can ride the attraction but they must be aware that as it is still in rehearsal it may open and close at any time, and be subject to more frequent breakdowns until the opening date on 10th July 2014.

Now, with that out of the way, let's look at some photos! Photos for todays update are from DLPWelcome.

The sign with the attraction name and several Fastpass signs have disappeared, apparently this may be to change the colours so they are easier to read.

Back on the ground, we can see that the ground itself has been fully paved, and the fountain now looks like a fountain (further theming and touches are expected). The area begins to look more and more Parisian by the day and the addition of lots of trees also helps, as well as the themed lampposts.

In the image below we can also (on the far right building) that doors have now been installed for the shop too.

Although you can't see these changes in the photo above a few other changes are: the toilets sign has now been added, a menu holder is now outside Bistro de Remy, attraction safety signs are now outside the entrance, railings have been installed on the covered portion of the queue and the Fastpass machines are now installed. Some minor theming has also been done to the old bit of the costuming building (to the left and behind of the tree in the middle of the frame), though it doesn't look particularly impressive at the moment. Hopefully more theming will happen before opening. Just over 2 months until opening but it looks pretty much ready to go if you ask us.

That's it for this update.


Update 18th April 2014:

So let's take a look at the latest progress: The floor is coming along well and is almost finished, trees are being planted to cover the costuming building in the background, the attraction sign is up and on the right hand building the Fastpass return time signs are up, under the entrance there are also different signs for the different queues (single rider, standby and Fastpass), though they aren't visible from the picture below.

And here's a look at the side street which houses the toilets below, some great theming - the trees really add to the atmosphere.


Update 25th March 2014:

It's been two weeks since our last update and there's lots to be seen - including some new signs!

On the main building, just above the entrance to the restaurant you will find a giant "Gusteau's" sign, this will act as a weenie (focus point) for those walking along the parisian street, alerting them that they are going in the right direction for ratatouille.


Further down the building, at just above eye level you will find the new sign for "Chez Remy" the name of the restaurant. It's cute and understated.


All the scaffolding on the upper part of the buildings has now come down to reveal that detailed window guards have been added.

Outdoor lights are also making there appearance little by little. Here's one wrapped in bubble wrap.

And a final overview of the site.

All photos in this update come from unless stated otherwise.

One final note, it appears that "Ratatouille: The Ride" is now being referred to as "Ratatouille: The Adventure" which is a much more exciting name. 


Update 11th March 2014:

With almost a month since our last update, there's lots of visible progress.

The biggest change can be seen below, the future shop 'Chez Marianne Souvenirs de Paris' has been revealed and we can now take a good look at it.

Photo: DisneylandBerry

Photo: DisneylandBerry

Next...the fountain theming is also coming along nicely.

Photo: DisneylandBerry

Photo: DisneylandBerry

And finally...a look at the rest of the "street" housing the shop with a few annotations. 'Vitrine' means window, 'Entree Secondaire' means second entrance (he main entrance is shown in the first photo of this update) and 'Entree Stock' means stock entrance (not for the public).




Update 23rd February 2014:

Here's some more progress courtesy of

Firstly here's a quick overview of the whole site:


The covered area under scaffolding to the bottom right of frame should soon reveal itself as the roof-top features are being installed.


A closer look at the area outside the restaurant below with the flowerbeds (minus the flowers) now completely in place and the paintwork having commenced with window frame now being clearly visible.


On ground level we can see that the floor paving is slowly making its way through the plaza:


And finally a closer look at the attraction entrance and the outdoor queuing area (on the right, in green):



Update 14th February 2014:

There has been a reasonable amount of visible progress since our last update, plus later in this post tonnes of new photos of ride and restaurant related things.

Here's a photo update of the current progress:

Photo: DLRP Express

Photo: DLRP Express

Paving has now started, the entrance has re-opened with some sign fixtures in place, and work on painting the veranda area for the restaurant is also progressing.

Disneyland Paris also shared this image of what the area will look like when finished:


This seems to be a press shot so should pretty accurately represent what we'll see in just a few months time. Including Linguini himself who will be making character appearances in the area.

In other news, the English version of the ride trailer has now been released - it's pretty cool!

Tom Fitzgerald gave the following talk at the Annual Shareholders meeting just a  few days ago on 12th February 2014. Watch the talk in its entirety (in English) here:

Highlights of his speech include (pictures in this section from DLRPToday):

  • We worked very closely with Brad Bird, who directed the original film, and from there the next thing we do is we build a model — a scale model of the attraction that allows our team to really get down and view the attraction as you would view it when completed. We actually built this model with little ride vehicles, so we could actually ride through and see the point of view that you will have when finished.
  • Now once we’ve finished the miniature model, of course, it’s time to go into production with the full-scale show elements. And of course because, in this attraction we are shrinking down to the size of a rat, everything we’ve been creating is enormous.

  • The leaves of Rémy’s restaurant — there are almost two thousand leaves that we created and hand painted to bring the overscale of this attraction to life.

And of course, seats and tables that bring to life the fantasy of dining with Rémy in his restaurant.

  • The animation that you will see in the attraction was created uniquely for us, by our colleagues at Pixar, in 3D, in the largest scale they’ve ever created. And you’ll see this all… very very soon.

  • To bring the attraction to life required us also to invent an entirely new ride system, a ride system that will allow you to travel through these enormous sets in silent comfort. We call them “Ratmobiles” and six passengers will travel in each rat. These vehicles will allow us to do things we’ve never been able to do before, it’s an entirely new ride system for Disneyland Paris.
  • Now, le petit chef. Of course, if we’re going to do a Ratatouille attraction, we must do Rémy’s restaurant, and so we will be bringing to life not only the adventure but also Bistrot Chez Rémy, where you can join Rémy for a delicious meal in a super fun and fantasy overscale environment.


Update 3rd February 2014:

It's been a while since our last photo update.

Source: DisneylandBerry (Twitter)

Source: DisneylandBerry (Twitter)

In other news, @InsideDLParis on twitter has also stated that the opening date is set to be 14th July, with soft openings and a press event before that. Could this mean openings as soon as late June?

Rumours (@InsideDLParis and @DisneylandBerry) also say that the interior of the attraction is now completely finished.

Disneyland Paris also released a new trailer for the ride (confirming Ratatouille: The Ride as its official name) on its German website. Here is the YouTube version of the trailer:


Update 16th January 2014:

A nice amount of progress over the last three days with the exterior queue structure now begins to take form - it is the black structure towards the centre and back of the photo in between the two sets of buildings.

Photo: DisneylandParisFans (Twitter)

Photo: DisneylandParisFans (Twitter)


Update 13th January 2014:

As expected throughout these winter months most of the exterior work has now been done, so no doubt interior elements are being worked on. But now, almost two weeks after out last update we have some visible exterior progress to show you.

First of all we can see below that the infamous fountain has now begun to make its appearance. Concerns are spreading online as to how small this area actually is especially considering it will involve having a large fountain now in the middle, a busy table service restaurant and a new major attraction. We can only hope its been planned out well.


Apart from the fountain looking towards the very back of the picture behind what looks like a tractor we can see that the area which was previously covered in scaffolding has now been painted to have a brick effect. We no longer expect the queue line to extend into the old costuming building on the right which is a shame as it might just mean a very boring outdoor queue line. Or maybe Disney figured out that the old queue line that was being planned would be too long. What's certain is that there is no room to do an extended queue in this land like Crush's Coaster has, as the land is simply too small. 

The ride entrance has also been covered in scaffolding as we can see below.

Photo: Disneyland Planet

Photo: Disneyland Planet

Here's a look at the other side of the construction site we can't say we can see a huge visible change in this area at all, we're sure the veranda area of the restaurant has been progressing well though.

Photo: Disneyland Planet

Photo: Disneyland Planet

Until next time!

Update 28th December 2013:
Work on the fountain in front of the attraction entrance have started, as is shown by this photo from DisneyCentralPlaza!


Update 25th December 2013:
More scaffolding goes up - this time, over the ride entrance...