Walt Disney Studios is the second, and newest, park in Disneyland Paris where you can go behind the scenes and experience the magic of the movies. There’s five main areas here: Front Lot, Toon studio, Production Courtyard, Toy Story Playland and Backlot. It has just celebrated it’s 10th anniversary!


Front Lot:

This area is home to Disney Studio 1 - a huge building which every guest walks through to get to the rest of the park, recreated to be like Tinsel Town - inside are shops and restaurants, it is the equivalent of Main Street in Disneyland Park. Sometimes there are a few little. 


Production Courtyard:


There are some major attractions here: The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror, Cinemagique, Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic, Stitch Live! (have a chat with Stitch on the big screen - he understands you and responds back) and Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage! (meet the characters from Playhouse Disney in a nice stage show) Here are some of these rides in detail:



The Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror

Fastpass: YES

Minimum Height: 1.02m, 3’4”

On-ride photo: YES

Ride length: 2 minutes 25 seconds + Pre-show

Average wait times: 60-90 mins


The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror transports you to another dimension dropping you 183 feet straight down - and not just once. Disney summarises the ride nicely:

"You are the passengers on a most uncommon elevator about to ascend into your very own episode of...The Twilight Zone. One stormy night long ago, five people stepped through the door of an elevator and into a nightmare. That door is opening once again, and this time it's opening for you."

The atmosphere inside is truly immersive and the possibly the best theming in the whole of Disneyland Paris. The pre-show is great and you will really feel the tension. The Cast Members who work on this ride really add to the atmosphere.

I have to admit personally the first time I rode this attraction, I found that it was absolutely terrifying. The effects before the drops are simply amazing, but after that it really does feel like your elevator is out of control and like it is going mad. The drops are terrifying but at the end you will be glad to have gone on it once: if not for the fun experience then for feeling a whole minute or so of sheer terror. I have never screamed before on a ride but wow did the Tower make me scream.

You also can really feel the force of the elevator being pushed down, it is pushed down instead of dropped meaning that it is a slightly nicer feeling than freefall. The motors on this ride are very powerful and within a split second you could be changing from going up to down like that.

But don't be fooled - this is a fun ride, but it is an intense experience that WILL have you screaming.

Fastpass is recommended as the queue can be long but by using Fastpass you will miss out on a lot of the detail in the queue. Also, first time riders, buy the photo. It is worth it - trust me.




Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic:

Fastpass:  NO

Minimum Height: None

On-ride photo: No

Ride length: 20 minutes

Average wait times: 30 mins - 60 mins

Loading: 168 guests per tram, 4 trams - About 2000 guests an hour.


See movie props and get closer to a movie set than you'd ever imagine!

Hop aboard the Studio Tram Tour trams and see authentic props from movies and see movie sets up close - you'll experience fire, water and earthquakes close up and see scenes from movies unfold in front of your very eyes! This is a great family adventure that everyone can experience.

Since the opening of Toy Story Playland the route has been shortened, skipping some of the, frankly, most boring bits of the attraction, making for a shorter but more enjoyable studio tram tour. 



Fastpass: NO

Minimum Height: N/A

Photo: No

Show length: 25 minutes

Average wait times: Only at scheduled times - arrive early.

Loading: 1100 Guests per show - up to 8800 guests per day.


A show not to be missed!

For all the lovers of movies, Disneyland Paris has a little trick up its sleeve for you - Cinemagique! Take a trip through time and see movies from the past, though being Disney not all action happens on screen. Expect more than you bargained for with this show featuring live actors as well as on-screen characters, combined to make a truly unforgettable experience you’ll want to watch again and again. This is a truly 4D spectacular mixing the world around you and on-screen entertainment. Make it a point to stop by and watch this show.

Arrive 15 minutes before your show starts in order to get a good seat. The centre of the theatre offers the best view.



To eat in, there’s the Restaurant des Stars. An adult buffet will cost approx 22,6euros with 1 free coffee but other drinks are not included. A kids’ buffet costs approx 11,30 euros with one soft drink included. At this restaurant you might get a closer than expected encounter with Remy as he comes around to visit you!


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