Crowds in Disneyland Paris vary greatly from season to season and even from day to day, the difference of a single day can save you hundreds of pounds as well as hours of queuing. You'll have to consider the European national holidays from France and all surrounding countries, the weather, school holidays, pricing and more. To help you with that we've compiled a detailed guide of when we think the best times to go to Disneyland Paris are, even including detailed analysis of weekdays.

Below is a guide to the best times of the year to visit Disneyland Paris and the times of the year to avoid.

Major French/European Holidays - in calendar order: (times to avoid if possible)
1st January - New Year's Day
1st January - 4th January - School Christmas holidays
15th February to 1st March - French school break, and half-term in UK... 
(more in the full guide)

The days of the week also make a very big difference to crowd numbers and wait times - a ride can have a wait time of 120 minutes on one day and just 5 minutes the next. Wednesdays are particularly nasty as not many people know but...

Below is a rating of the best days of the week to visit - from best to worst:

Monday << Best
(more detail in the full guide)
Saturday << Worst

The exception to this is during the Summer school holidays where Wednesday is actually one of the better days to attend...(more in the full guide)

Therefore the best times of the year to visit are the following, as well as most of the time being cheaper and out of season (meaning you'll probably need to ask the school for permission to take your kids):
Early December to Mid-December - There may even be Christmas decorations up already. Before schools are on holiday. Cold.
January - excluding the first four or five days when it is still school holidays. Cold.
(more in the full guide)
Click here to buy the full guide. It includes full details on when is best and when is worst to visit. It includes the major European holiday dates, the best days of the week, exceptions during summer holidays and the best times of the year to visit.