You might be wondering, why this guide - why should I buy this guide instead of another one? Well, my guide provides several advantages. Here's the top 5 reasons why you should choose this guide over others:

1. Price - The guide is available for about £4 or about $6. That's a price that makes it accessible to almost everyone - it's about the price of a coffee in the parks and will provide you with much more enjoyment with a little bit of planning. This guide is also substantially cheaper than "regular" paper copies.

2. Content from ex-cast member - Many of the other guides are written by major companies or are simply a regurgitation of the brochure. If that's what you want, then this guide is not for you - this guide is written by myself, an individual, who has not only visited the parks dozens of times but crucially I've also actually worked there so I do have some insider knowledge, including the touring plans which I have carefully devised after having observed day after day of crowd patterns, both as a Cast Member (employee) and as a guest. On top of that, I am a fan of the theme parks, I devote my time to writing about them because I love to do so. In the guide I honestly tell you what's good, and what to skip.

3. Personal contact support - If you have any questions at any point I include contact information at the end of the guide and I'll be very happy to answer any of your questions, before, during or even after your trip!

4. Constantly updated - Unlike a traditional guidebook which is only written once and then updated every 1,2 or 3 years, this guide book is constantly updated as is this accompanying website. That means that any time a new ride, show or attraction is introduced, you're guaranteed to hear about it first in this guide. This applies for new tips and tricks which come out too, there are huge money-saving deals to be had by getting tickets from third-parties and these are all provided in the book and kept up to date. We even preview attractions and areas that aren't open yet. It also means that we can add information about new seasons such as Christmas and Halloween which change yearly.

5. Flexible format - With the book being available in a digital format, you're able to read it on any Kindle device, that could be on the Kindle itself or on a tablet such as an Android tablet or iPad, on the Kindle fire and on your smartphone. And what's more, you can search the book due to it being digital, you can jump straight to other sections. And if you have it on your mobile phone, you're not even carrying anything extra with you but have all the information in the palm of your hand. Tablets too make great reading devices while in the queues, then you could snap a picture of something or someone, and then continue reading the guide.

Don't just take our word for it, here's what some of our readers have to say:

Reader reviews:

  • "This gives you so many tips and when we got there we had to queue so much we could get a degree in it. This gives you advice on where to go so you can plan in advance and saved us time waiting for rides that weren't for us. If you are going I would recommend you read this and plan your days - it's a pain but will save you time and make your trip more enjoyable." - 7th June 2013 (
  • "Bought this book before heading to Disneyland Paris, hoped it might have some useful tips but wasn't holding my breath as similar books had disappointed previously. Was really taken aback by how useful this book is. Great tips, not just obvious observations as is often the case in these sorts of books, but instead lots of genuinely useful thoughts, tips and ideas for planning your visit. Thoroughly impressed. It's short, but thats good. There is no padding with surplus or filler info...Highly recommend this book. (In fact the tips are so useful and practical I was in two minds as to whether or not to review it, as I don't want everyone using all these tips!) Seriously though it's a good little book that hits the right tone, and is genuinely useful." - 17th May 2013 (
  • "Like it, easy to read and some useful tips." - 11th May 2013 (
  • We live in the US and have been to DLP many times. The last guide we bought was when Euro Disney (now DLP) opened and I wanted an updated version. Glad this was on Kindle so I can take it with us without having to lug a book. Well-written and very helpful. Great tips on getting to/from airport, hotels, etc.Thank you! - 28th March 2013 (
  • "It helped me and my family a lot in our trip. Very helpful for avoiding queuing for long hours" - 21st January 2013
  • "Excellent book and guide honest and easy read. Found everything to be useful and correct. Made our stay even more more magical!" - 27th January 2013 (
  • "Very informative informal guide. Was more up to date than the other guides to Disneyland Paris..." - 23rd January 2013 (


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