Welcome to the Independent Guide to Walt Disney World 2017!

I’ve been a Disney fan for over fifteen years, having visited the parks many, many times I have been able to collect a variety of data which has made my subsequent visits even more enjoyable, from small little details which will save you minutes or even hours in a day, to how suitable certain rides are for different ages - this guide has it all. As well as that I have also worked at Walt Disney World as a Cast Member and spent thousands of hours finding the best ways to do things.

I’ve included tips and details in that guide that I couldn’t find in other guides to make this the most complete it can be. There is no advertising in this guide - it is completely independent and I have not been paid for any of these opinions by Disney or any other company mentioned in the guide.

I have perfected ways of touring the parks which mean that I have never waited more than 45 minutes in a line for any ride (and that 45-minute was a on-off!) – most of the time I wait 15 minutes or less. I would then see poor guests waiting 90-120 minutes for the same rides! Whether you’re a first timer, been to other Disney theme parks or call Walt Disney World your second home there are sure to be things in this guide you did not know!

Have a magical day!

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